Stanton Peele, Ph D & J D

an addiction expert who has investigated, written about, and treated addiction for over five decades; author of 13 books and 250 academic and popular articles; created the Life Process Program, an online coaching recovery program used around the world


In a sense, everything in this book is common sense, dealing with day-to-day existence, embracing values that you have been taught– and admired– your whole life. There are no magic solutions out there for you, for curing your addictions or enhancing your life. There is only being true to your purpose and who you want to be. All else can be brought under your aegis if you hold true to these things. 

While this isn’t always easy, don’t be sidetracked by external agents or people trying to convince you they will solve your problems, make you feel good, or turn you into a valued person.

Seeking such magical solutions, rather, is the core of addiction.


from Outgrowing Addiction by Stanton Peele and Zach Rhoads (Upper Access, Inc.)