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Vermont Poets and Their Craft

edited by Neil Shepard and Tamra Higgins


Inspired by the original Poets and Their Craft Lecture Series, Sundog Poetry Center and Green Writers Press present 17 thought-provoking essays on the elements of poetic craft by some of Vermont's leading poets. Award-winning poets, as well as two Vermont poets-laureate, provide an exciting and invaluable resource for students, teachers, accomplished poets, and curious readers.

Published by Green Writers Press / Sundog Poetry Center

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This finalist in the Able Muse Book Award is a finely wrought, thought-provoking collection.

Published by Able Muse Press


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The Factory of Ideas/Fabbrica delle idee:

Monologues by the Mad/monologhi dei matti

by Antonello ‍Borra, Translations by Anis Memon


The ‍77 ‍individuals ‍whose ‍voices ‍are ‍channeled ‍here ‍are, ‍or ‍rather ‍were, ‍real ‍people. ‍Like ‍my ‍grandfather, ‍they ‍were ‍all ‍victims ‍of ‍an ‍idea ‍of ‍“normality” ‍that ‍did ‍not ‍include ‍them ‍and, ‍therefore, ‍secluded ‍them, ‍confining ‍their ‍bodies ‍to ‍a ‍cruel ‍and ‍repressive ‍institution. ‍Surviving ‍the ‍“insane ‍asylums” ‍until ‍1978, ‍when ‍the ‍Basaglia ‍Law ‍finally ‍closed ‍them, ‍was ‍almost ‍always ‍at ‍the ‍expense ‍of ‍one’s ‍sanity.

Anis ‍Memon ‍currently ‍lives ‍and ‍works ‍in ‍Vermont. ‍He ‍translates ‍from ‍Italian ‍and ‍French.

Published by Fomite Press


Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry

by Sydney Lea (Editor), Chard deNiord (Editor), Dan Chiasson (Introduction)


With its mystical landscape and fiercely self-reliant citizenry, Vermont has inspired poets from its earliest days. This anthology of contemporary Vermont poets represents a wide range of accomplished voices―both young and old, both renowned and relatively unestablished. 
Published by Green Writers Press


Strange Terrain: A Poetry Handbook For the Reluctant Reader

by NH Poet Laureate, Alice B. Fogel


Strange Terrain fills an empty place. It is an essential resource for anyone who wants to feel more comfortable with reading poetry: individuals, reading groups, teachers, even friends and families of poets. In eight simple steps, award-winning poet and teacher Alice B. Fogel offers readers the tools they need to make their own confident way through poetry’s strange terrain.

Published by Hobblebush Books


Boy On a Doorstep: New and Selected Poems

by Richard Foerster


Richard Foerster was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1949, the son of German immigrants. He holds degrees in English literature from Fordham College and the University of Virginia. His numerous honors include the “Discovery”/The Nation Award, Poetry magazine’s Bess Hokin Prize, a Maine Arts Commission Fellowship, the Amy Lowell Poetry Travelling Scholarship, and two National Endowment for the Arts Poetry Fellowships—as well as two Maine Literary Awards for Poetry. Since the late 1970s, his work has appeared widely in magazines and anthologies, including The Best American Poetry, Kenyon Review, TriQuarterly, The Gettysburg Review, Shenandoah, The Southern Review, and Poetry. He has worked as a lexicographer, educational writer, typesetter, teacher, and editor of the literary magazines Chelsea and Chautauqua Literary Journal. He lives in a former church in Eliot, Maine, with his partner, the artist Douglas Taylor.

Published by Tiger Bark Press


An illuminated tour of Walter Benjamin's ideas; a graphic translation; an encyclopedia of fragments.

Published by The MIT Press



by Sydney Lea


In his thirteenth book of poetry, Sydney Lea gives voice to the deep connection between human life and the natural world as well as their fragility and transience.

Published by Four Way Books

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Days of Our Lives

by Joan Aleshire


Day of Our Lives is equal parts social history and memoir documenting the unraveling of a marriage against the backdrop of the shifting social mores of 1960s and ’70s America. Joan Aleshire’s speaker, a young wife, enters marriage gratefully, even eagerly, believing it to be “a long table / with friends crowding in, red wine / in tumblers.” Motherhood follows, but so do infidelities and reconciliation and ultimately divorce. With each hard knock, the speaker sheds a little more of her innocence as she gains awareness of her power as both a woman and a writer: “Coming home / late from a festival for women / where I’d said all the things / the audience liked, I slipped / into bed so flush with triumph / my husband recoiled from the heat.”

Published by Four Way Books



by Tamra J. Higgins


A new chapbook, limited edition of 100 books, numbered and signed. Hand-made by May Day Studio. ($10 each)

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How To Love a Country

by Richard Blanco


How to Love a Country, both interrogates the American narrative, past and present, and celebrates the still unkept promise of its ideals.

Blanco has written occasional poems for the re-opening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, Freedom to Marry, the Tech Awards of Silicon Valley, and the Boston Strong benefit concert following the Boston Marathon bombings. He is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and has received numerous honorary doctorates. He has taught at Georgetown University, American University, and Wesleyan University. He serves as the first Education Ambassador for The Academy of American Poets.

Published by Beacon Press


Poet Showcase: An Anthology of New Hampshire Poets

Edited by Alice B. Fogel and Sidney Hall Jr.


Hobblebush Books brings to print poems originally chosen for the online Poet Showcase curated by former New Hampshire Poets Laureate Patricia Fargnoli and W. E. Butts.

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Event Boundaries

by April Ossmann


Event Boundaries considers ways our relationships and growth as individuals are interdependent, whether it’s possible to consider any relationship (including with ourselves) independent of the culture and environment it exists in; whether we create our culture and environment in part through the way we enact our relationships, to what degree reality is objective or a matter of perception, and how we come to terms with our and others’ mortality.

Published by Four Way Books

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Questions You Were Too Polite To Ask

Selected Poems 2011-2017


Means What?


by Steve Klein

Another fantastic collection of poetry by Steve Klein. Equal parts hilarious, touching and insightful, this little book of poetry packs a whopping punch and is well worth its humble price.

Published by Sheriar Books

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The Meeting Place


by Dede Cummings

“In Dede Cummings’ The Meeting Place, we find a writer at the height of her powers, reaching back to the past to find not only herself, but also to explore her family’s origins, and the sources of love that bind them together. Yet in these open-armed, funny, serious and sacred poems, we also meet ourselvesover and over, for Cummings knows that the specific, when lovingly described, becomes the universal. Dede Cummings is ‘writing to reach’ a world desperately in need of the tenderness and affection that underpin each and every one of her poems.” —James Crews

To be published in 2019 by Salmon Poetry

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by Sara London


Sara London’s Upkeep offer a guidebook for both coping with and negotiating the difficult terrain of life after great personal loss.

Published by Four Way Books


Telling My Father


by James Crews

Explores familial bonds, memory, and grief through a beautifully written collection of poems.

Cowles Poetry Book Prize Winner

Published by Southeast Missouri State Univ Press

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Healing the Divide: Poems of Kindness and Connection


Edited by James Crews, Preface by Ted Kooser

Healing the Divide urges us, at this fraught political time, to move past the negativity that often fills the airwaves, and to embrace the ordinary moments of kindness and connection that fill our days.

Published by Green Writers Press



by Andrea Cohen


The poems in Andrea Cohen’s Nightshade, her sixth full-length collection, are constructed from the wisdom of loss—of lovers and loved ones and a world gone awry. Cohen builds a short poem the way a master carpenter does a tiny house, in lines that are both economic and precise, with room enough for sorrow and wit to exist comfortably in their spaces.

Published by Four Way Books


The Dear Remote Nearness of You


Mars Poetica


by Wyn Cooper

In Mars Poetica, his fifth book of poems, Wyn Cooper explores the conscious and unconscious ways we comprehend both the world around us, and the one inside.

Published by White Pine Press 


Water Journeys in Art and Poetry


Poetry by Mary Jane Dickerson Art by Dianne Shullenberger

A powerful union of words and images unfolds between the pages of poet Mary Jane Dickerson and fiber artist Dianne Shullenberger’s collaborative new book, Water Journeys in Art & Poetry.

Published by Sundog Poetry Center

Ten percent of this book’s net profit sales will be donated to Vermont Council on the Arts.


Little-Known Operas

by Patrick Donnelly


The lush, lexically gorgeous and emotionally complex poems of Little-Known Operas guide us through the terrain of love, sex, same-sex marriage, illness, death, and art.

Published by Four Way Books



The Apathy of Clouds


by Domenic Scopa

This is Domenic’s debut collection of poems. Through terse narratives or meditative lyrics, the speakers in these poems rage out against, reflect on, and try to accept the unsolved questions in their hearts.

Published by FutureCycle Press

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Half/Life: New and Selected Poems

by Jeffrey Thomson


Poetry that weaves history, mythology, science, music, geography—and more—into finely wrought tropes that re-contextualize our humanity. Poetry that deconstructs and reconceives. Poetry of such stark tenderness that the ear is arrested by the urgency of every line. Poetry that laments and replenishes. Poetry that is both private and public, oracular and intimate, personal and universal. Poetry that ruptures and mends. Poetry the speaks to the continuum of the human experience across time, space, and the page. That’s the poetry of Jeffrey Thomson.” —Richard Blanco, Presidential Inaugural Poet and author of How to Love a Country.

Published by Alice James Books (October 2019)


White Storm


by Gary Metras

Gary is the editor and letterpress printer at Adastra Press, which he founded in 1979. In April 2018, he was inducted as the inaugural poet laureate of Easthampton, Massachusetts.


Last Night at the Wursthaus


by Doug Holder

Neil Silberblatt (Founder of Voices of Poetry) writes, “These poems work for anyone with the gift and curse of memory…”

Published by Grey Sparrow Press

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Noah’s Song


by Jerry Johnson

Noah’s Song is a beautifully illustrated children’s book. Hardcover, 45-plus pages. Jerry’s “Noah’s Song” poem was set to music by the talented and much-beloved Vermont singer, Jon Gailmor. A CD of Jon’s delightful musical rendition accompanies the book. Kids of all ages will be able sing along as they pass through the pages which are whimsically illustrated by the popular artist, Adrien “Yellow” Patenaude.

Published by Creek Road Press


Peripheral Vision

by Susan Kinsolving


Peripheral Vision goes behind the scenes in a military hospital, an elementary school, and a disturbed family. Susan Kinsolving’s poems were described in the New Yorker as “grand and almost terrifying.” In this new collection, she proves herself again.

Published by Red Hen (May 2019)


My Tarantella


by Jennifer Martelli

Poetry. Women's Studies. Italian American Studies. "I love this book with its strength and riskiness, its weaving of the Kitty Genovese story with the narrator's own story and life. The details Martelli provides seem so real, so rooted, so perfect for these two intertwined tales...This is a book I won't soon forget. Certainly, it's a book not to be missed." —Maria Mazziotti Gillan

Published by Bordighera Press




by Kevin McLellan

McLellan paints our connection to the natural and man-made world where we are asked to witness our vulnerability and remain present.

Published by The Word Works


War Zones


by Zvi A. Sesling

Zvi A. Sesling’s latest book, War Zones has been nominated for the Mass Center for the Book Poetry Award and the Jacar Book Award.

"Zvi A. Sesling’s notions of war and its insidious causes and calamitous effects strip away the patent falseness of martial glory and highlight instead the inglorious detritus and detail of sundered limbs and damaged psyches. Warmongers should avoid this book." —Dennis Daly, author of Pantoums.

Published by Nixes Mate Books


Pioneer Species


by Ross Thurber

Ross lives in Brattleboro, VT with his family and owns and operates Lilac Ridge Farm, a third-generation organic dairy and diversified hill farm nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains. Pioneer Species is his first full-length collection of poems.

Published by Green Writers Press

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Time Inside


by Gary Margolis

Gary Margolis’ seventh book of poems, takes us behind the walls, through the metal gates of his experience leading a poetry workshop for inmates in a maximum security correctional facility, and back out to the surrounding worlds of love’s nature and memory’s hold and release of us.

Published by Green Writers Press


by Linda Flaherty Haltmaier

By turns irreverent, playful, and serious, Haltmaier’s poems explore the phenomena of daily life with a deft clarity that transforms the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Winner of the 2018 International Poetry Book Award for Poetry.

Published by Homebound Publications

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Stanley’s Girl


by Susan Eisenberg

The fiercely lyrical poetry of Stanley’s Girl is rooted in Susan Eisenberg’s experience as one of the first women to enter the construction industry and from her decades gathering accounts of others to give scaffolding to that history.

Published by ILR Press

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Learning to See in Three Dimensions

by Pamela Spiro Wagner

In this collection of poetry, Wagner leads an exploration of the human condition by delving into the worlds of relationships, religion, nature, and mental health.

Published by Green Writers Press


Drunk in the Woods

by Tony Whedon

Whedon tells of his close-to-the-bone experiences of gardening, cutting wood, and exploring the back country of northern Vermont woven into a lively, sometimes harrowing personal narrative, providing a fresh perspective on how “living wild” impinges on the mind of the suffering-and-then recovering alcoholic.

Published by Green Writers Press


by Betsy Sholl

The bluesy, rich, and vital poems in House of Sparrows look for grace and beauty not outside of the suffering world but within it. Betsy Sholl explores the shifting ironies and contradictions in the stories we tell—how the apple is both medicinal and poison, and how the poor are spiritually rich.

Published by University of Wisconsin Press

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by Elizabeth Tibbetts

Elizabeth Tibbetts’ book In the Well won the Bluestem Poetry Award in 2002. Her chapbook Perfect Selves (2001) was published by Oyster River Press. Her awards include a fellowship and grant from the Maine Arts Commission, and the Penobscot Watershed Poetry Prize.

Published by Deerbrook Editions


Love Poems From Vermont


by Jon Meyer

Jon Meyer is currently writing and producing a new series of poetry books. The first book in the series is Love Poems from Vermont. His love of nature and Vermont travel has paired new poems with inspired images taken in Vermont. He writes the poems first, then searches for a Vermont scene appropriate to merge the photo image with the poem.

to be published mid-2019