David A. Colasante

inspired by his grandchildren to write the adventure series, Bucabella

Every story has a beginning, but this one might be different from others you have heard. It begins on my home island of Bucabella. My name is Daxx, and I will tell you this story as it was told to me.

The great mythical god Zeus created Bucabella many thousands of years ago. Zeus felt that our world needed a pace where peace, purity, and mystical beings could live and thrive. This would give the Earth’s grown-ups and children a vision of life’s mystical qualities. So he created Bucabella to be a delightfully magical place.

This special island has never been seen and probably never will. Surrounded by blue and green seas, so pure and clear that you can see through to everything below; Bucabella’s shores twinkle. Beneath the water’s surface, fish, crabs, and other sea life move about. The beach sands glisten like powder made of crushed diamonds. Trees and smaller plants take on a shining green like no other. Low mountains dip into valleys of lush grasses where flowers of amazing colors are everywhere. Its people are unique, and not entirely like us. They possess a mysterious charm. As they go about their business each day, they always smile and are cheerful. 

from Bucabella by David A. Colasante, illustrated by Brandon Palas (Stillwater River Publications)

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