Claire B. Willis

author, clinical social worker, ordained lay Buddhist chaplain and yoga teacher


By remembering the good and holding it next to what is difficult, you can readily see how other people are responsible for the gifts of your life. When you feel entitled or take for granted whatever you have, it’s not possible to see how other people enhance your life by their presence.

Consider for a moment where you are living, how you arrived there, who is taking care of you and what medications bring you comfort. Consider also smaller gifts like clean water that comes with the turn of a faucet, the light that goes on with the turn of a switch, or the comfort of clean sheets on your bed. These things exist because of the efforts of many people, like those who constructed the building, engineered efficient roads, researched medications, created water systems, wired your building for electricity and made your bed. What if you noticed the countless gestures and actions of people who make your days more graceful?


from Lasting Words: A Guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life by Claire B. Willis (Green Writers Press)