Hello! What Are You Reading?

In the next few days, www.BrilliantLightPublishing.com will begin running short radio spots on Vermont Public Radio, stepping up our efforts to inform New England readers and the writing community about excellent books and independent bookstores.

We’re also excited to be adding a new feature to our website which will allow visitors to leave a short voicemail message. You’ll have up to 3 minutes to record your message. Please include your first name and where you’re “calling” from. 

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Poets Reading the News!

Poets Reading the News was co-founded in 2016 by J Spagnolo and Elle Aviv Newton. PRTN’s mission is to enact poetry’s vital cultural function as a processor for violence, cultural complexity, and political change for a society overwhelmed by the headlines. They’re out “to prove what we know is true: in times of darkness, poetry is essential reading.”

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The Time Is Right To (Self) Publish Your Book

Many writers are using social media tools and finding routes towards making themselves known to readers, eventually gathering an audience and a loyal following for their work. These new pathways often do not involve a traditional publishing house, as authors have turned to independent small publishers, cooperatives, online magazines and journals, blogs, and self-publishing. The Internet has indeed changed everything related to book publishing.

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