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Brilliant Light Publishing receives a mention on Vermont Public Radio, along with our “Featured Independent Bookstore” — The Norwich Bookstore located in Norwich, Vermont. Thank you for supporting local independent booksellers.


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Some Reasons Independent Bookstores Are Valuable:

One needs to pause for a moment before exchanging the benefits of independent bookstore shopping for a convenient (and sometimes less expensive) home online shopping experience. Purchasing a book from a local independent bookstore can benefit more than the reader alone.

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Hello! What Are You Reading?

In the next few days, will begin running short radio spots on Vermont Public Radio, stepping up our efforts to inform New England readers and the writing community about excellent books and independent bookstores.

We’re also excited to be adding a new feature to our website which will allow visitors to leave a short voicemail message. You’ll have up to 3 minutes to record your message. Please include your first name and where you’re “calling” from. 

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Poets Reading the News!

Poets Reading the News was co-founded in 2016 by J Spagnolo and Elle Aviv Newton. PRTN’s mission is to enact poetry’s vital cultural function as a processor for violence, cultural complexity, and political change for a society overwhelmed by the headlines. They’re out “to prove what we know is true: in times of darkness, poetry is essential reading.”

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The Time Is Right To (Self) Publish Your Book

Many writers are using social media tools and finding routes towards making themselves known to readers, eventually gathering an audience and a loyal following for their work. These new pathways often do not involve a traditional publishing house, as authors have turned to independent small publishers, cooperatives, online magazines and journals, blogs, and self-publishing. The Internet has indeed changed everything related to book publishing.

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Brilliant Light Publishing Website Launched Nearly One Year Ago

We’re pleased to be adding a new area to the site:   Featured Independent Bookstore

We’re pleased to be adding a new area to the site: Featured Independent Bookstore


It’s been nearly one year since the Brilliant Light Publishing website launched and we’ve gathered together a list of some of the finest in New England writing talent. What began as a list of Recommended Vermont Poets and their books quickly branched out to include Recommended Fiction and Nonfiction writers, as well as poets from the New England writing community, and covering a variety of topics, including Nature, Travel, and Children’s books.

The Norwich Bookstore is located in Norwich, Vermont

The Norwich Bookstore is located in Norwich, Vermont

We continue to promote the best of New England’s poets and writers, and we’re pleased to be adding a new area to the site: Featured Independent Bookstore. As with our Featured Poet/Writer page, from time-to-time we’ll showcase an exceptional independent bookstore and share some of their staff’s recommended titles by New England authors. Our first offering is The Norwich Bookstore, located in Norwich, Vermont.

We hope that you continue to find our author and book suggestions helpful this summer season, and seek them out at your favorite independent bookstore. We’ll also continue to update our site with author and bookstore events.

We’d be happy to hear about New England writers you’ve been reading lately. One of our favorites is Vermont poet, James Crews.

James Crews reading from his book,  Telling My Father

James Crews reading from his book, Telling My Father

Visit our Featured Poet/Writer page to learn more, and thanks for visiting


— Scott Lesniewski, Contributing Editor, Brilliant Light Publishing

League of Vermont Writers fall program

The recent League of Vermont Writers fall program, held on October 6th, was a great success! Each of the three keynote speakers -- Sonja Hakala, Ed Vincent, and Bill Schubart, gave excellent and informative presentations. It was clear from the very positive audience response that each presenter delivered vital information.

Ed spoke from his great experience as a publisher of mystery novels, and demonstrated his expertise, with many stories of how his publishing company works. Sonja detailed the various author choices currently available, from traditional publishing, to self-publishing, to ebooks. She outlined the steps to take, and paths to avoid, drawing on her experience and research used to author her book, Your Book, Your Way. Also, she reviewed publishing vocabulary and which companies could help with the various choices.

Bill Schubart also spoke from decades of personal experience that included numbers to make his point. For example, after outlining the steps to publish, he suggested that for an author to develop a book, pricing could run as much as $2,800 to $3,200. This included the necessary costs to pay critical readers, a copy editor, a literary editor, etc. He also mentioned professional ways to approach bookstores, outlined steps preliminary to printing and promoting a book, and covered royalties from traditional publishers.

The program also included genre break out sessions to help members get to know each other while working on writing as creative groups. The group overall agreed the day was very successful.

On October 8th, Vermont Poet Laureate, Chard DeNiord, conducted a workshop sponsored by Sundog Poetry. His command of the history of poetry was inspiring as he responded to questions. In his critiques of attendees’ poems, he gave examples of specific poets’ solutions to similar issues, along with his own suggestions. It is very apparent that he is an outstanding teacher, and after the session, he read from his own poems.

Welcome to Brilliant Light Publishing

We are excited to launch Brilliant Light Publishing/Media, L3C as a celebration of excellent writing and poetry in New England. We are honored to have Jean Connor as our first featured poet. Her poetry emphasizes a frank beauty that handsomely articulates details, as well as the grand picture. 


It is instructive to learn about poets’ ideation process. Ruth Stone said that poems floated toward her from the universe. Her job was to grab them and write them down. If she didn’t snag them soon enough, they would float by and disappear forever! Being quick is part of success.

Chard DeNiord in his poem, "The Gift" memorializes Ruth Stone's process.

The Gift

In memory of Ruth Stone (June 8th, 1915—November 19th, 2011)

“All I did was write them down

wherever I was at the time,

hanging laundry, baking bread, driving to Illinois.”

Mary Oliver wrote a two line poem, “Humility.” 

 Poems arrive ready to begin.

      Poets are only the transportation.


Begin is the operative word. The arrival is an exhilarating moment. But after the poem arrives, there is still much to do. Revision ideas arrive as improvements, and they are an equally creative and important part of the process. 

We appreciate these extraordinary poets’ results, as well as how they arrived:

Poet Showcase edited by Alice B. Fogel and Sidney Hall, Jr. and published by Hobblebush Books is an anthology of New Hampshire poets. The editors ask the question, “Why do we have so many poets in New Hampshire?”  The poems themselves offer a wide range of answers. 

Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry, edited by Sydney Lea and Chard DeNiord, and published by Green Writers Press states, “With its mystical landscape and fiercely self-reliant citizenry, Vermont has inspired poets from its earliest days.” This certainly resonates. Vermont is an inspiring state to live in and to write in.